Wanderlust: Le Cinque Terre

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Wanderlust: Le Cinque Terre

At the beginning of the year I fulfilled a dream. One of my favorite places that I have been is a city in the center of Mexico call Guanajuato. Colorful houses all down the mountain, small streets, passages and a lot ( a LOT! ) of stairs where you can get lost and randomly appear at a square, a church, a coffee bar, or at a beautiful colonial house.

When I saw pictures of Le Cinque Terre it seemed to be like a Guanajuato with sea sight… My favorite city with a sea! Could I ask for more? An so I added this wonderful five lands to the top of my “places to be” wish list.

After my first italian new years eve in Tuscany, my host and friend Alessandro proposed a spontaneous random day trip to La Spezia. I couldn’t contain my happiness.

And that was how Alessandro, Reina and I set out on our trip. Arrived to La Spezia, took the train and went to Monterosso al mare. At the beginning the idea was going down stopping in each town until Riomaggiore but we made a lucky mistake, took the wrong train (ups) and left Corniglia for the last.

Corniglia is the town that is at the highest altitude, to reach it you have to climb up a stair of 382 steps (no kidding!). Since we left it to the last we saw the sunset over the sea from the top… it was magic!

Almost a year passed since this trip and I have great memories of it: a combination of amazing company, great moments at a fascinating place.


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